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Years of Experience in Hammond

Window Installation

Barry’s Tint Shop provides window tinting and other accessory product installations for your vehicle.

Window Tinting

I provide window tinting for any type of vehicle, including sports cars, sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans. The tinting films are supplied by trusted, quality brands in the industry, including Solar FX, and Premium Shield. Tinting options range from nearly clear to significantly dark. Window tints not only improve aesthetics; they also offer UV protection, energy savings, increased cabin comfort, scratch protection for your windows, and increased driving safety. Glare reduction makes it easier to see while driving when the sun is at the peak angles for glare, such as mid-morning and mid-evening. Window tinting can deter theft of your belongings stored in your car as they cannot be seen from a distance. My window tinting process involves applying the tint, trimming the film to precisely fit your windows, and ensuring the proper setting time and aftercare. I will work with you to find the best window film product for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

I also offer paint protection films for the body of your vehicle. Available from Premium Shield, these films have six layers: a polyethylene liner, acrylic adhesive system, 2 urethane substrate layers, a clear coat, and protective cap sheet. The benefits of a paint protection film include protection from stains, scratches, stone chips, and cracks, prevention of UV fading, and reduction of dirt on your car, which means fewer car washes. I can apply and custom trim these films to fit your vehicle precisely. This film is meant to last for the life of the vehicle, but can be removed without damage to the paint if done by a professional, such as myself, at any time.

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